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Customized Solutions for Organizational Health

What is Organizational Health?
  • Stronger results
  • Happier employees
  • More effective managers
  • Collaborative problem-solving
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved retention
  • Sighs of relief!
⤷ These are the outcomes our clients report after working with
Bridge Leadership Solutions.

Conflict is especially hard for small, closely-held firms.


Let’s be honest.  Conflict can be really uncomfortable.  It can lead to anxiety, insomnia, and even fear.

When conflict gets out of hand, it derails team productivity.  At its worst, it can make your people dread showing up for work.  Employee health declines.  Family ties are strained.  Good people will leave.

We work a lot with family businesses, professional practices, start-ups, and closely-held partnerships.  Many of our clients are small businesses or smaller business units within a big firm.  We see that conflict and ongoing dysfunction are especially hard for these smaller leadership groups.


  • It hurts more when you feel you can’t trust someone.
  • There is less separation between your personal and professional life.
  • Close collaboration is essential for success.
  • It doesn’t make sense to go to court or air your dirty laundry in public.
  • Family feuds are emotional and painful.

Successful firms understand that avoiding or burying conflict only makes things worse.

⤷ On the flip side, when handled wisely, conflict offers up a goldmine of transformative opportunities.

Healthy firms learn that Conflict is an asset to be leveraged.  

It can be hard to see the path forward, but we are here to help!  Bridge consultants will help you understand the sources of the conflict and your opportunities for improvement.  We work with you as your partner to find the best way forward.

Empowered with new tools and insights, you will heal the rifts and step into a new and better way of doing business.

When we hired Laura, key members of our team weren’t even speaking with each other.  Now, we have new language and tools to help us talk about issues as they come up.  We are so grateful we found Bridge Leadership Solutions!
— Family Business Owner

Why are we different?
Why do Bridge clients trust us with their private struggles?

  1. First, we don’t arrive with pre-packaged solutions.  Instead, we start by listening.  We want to understand your unique story and how the current disagreements are impacting your mojo. Personality dynamics can be complicated.  Communication problems or generational differences can lead to misunderstandings or distrust. Sometimes, individuals have acted badly and the team needs to come together to heal and refocus around shared goals.  We work with you to unpack the unique factors that have led to the current dysfunction.
  2. Second, we know we don’t have all the answers – you do.  Our job is to help YOU figure out the best path forward.  We provide new information and insights, best-in-class tools, proven strategies, and a structure to put it all together, so YOU can master the climb.  Think of us as your sherpas.
  3. Third, we will tell you the truth.  If we aren’t the right professionals to meet your needs, we’ll tell you or find someone who is.  If you’ve been avoiding a tough fact, we’ll be honest with you.  We will help you through the difficult conversations and important shifts.  And rest assured, we won’t ever begin any work you haven’t authorized.  We believe in starting with small pilot projects and earning your trust. We judge our success by your level of satisfaction.

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Healthy firms learn that Conflict is an asset to be leveraged. Are you ready?

CASE STUDY: Empowering the Diablo Gymnastics School Leadership Team

I wholeheartedly recommend Bridge Mediation and Leadership Solutions to anyone who needs mediation or business succession planning. Laura Grisolano has a real talent for deciphering diverse perspectives and untangling interorganizational difficulties.

Laura listens deeply in a way that has given my entire management staff confidence in her. More importantly, her ongoing workshops have given them confidence in their own ability to resolve the inevitable conflicts that arise when people work together. Her ability to understand opposing positions and look for solutions that serve every person’s needs is priceless.

When we first met, Laura was called into a formal mediation for a non-profit organization in Chicago that was experiencing problems between its officers and employees. Her ability to help the entrenched opposing parties open up and express perspectives was so impressive that I hired her to help me with management training for my company in California.

Five years have passed. During that time, Bridge Mediation and Leadership Solutions has provided Diablo Gymnastics School with employee assessments (including Hogans, the TKI, and annual engagement surveys), conflict resolution training, communication skills, bystander intervention training, succession planning, and guidance through interpersonal difficulties.

Laura has served us as a mediator, a sounding board, an investigator, an educator, and a guide. She has enlightened us in so many ways over the years that my managers now fondly refer to her as “Dr. Laura.” We trust her. She is brilliant, kind-hearted, and has been instrumental to my management team’s progress toward improving their interpersonal skills and our group dynamics.

Michelle Klimesh

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