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Deepen Self-Awareness, Leverage Team Diversity,
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We partner with our clients to elevate performance.

Bridge LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS lift team members to new levels of performance through fun, engaging training sessions.

Customized programs will help you take advantage of your team’s diverse personalities and skill sets.   Where appropriate, we incorporate HOGAN ASSESSMENTS, employee feedback surveys, the TKI conflict mode assessment, and other best-in-class tools to deepen team learning.  We’ve designed training programs and workshops to help our clients with issues like

❒   Empathy

❒   Building Trust

❒   Communication and Collaboration

❒   Persuasion and Inspiration

❒   Conflict Resolution Skills

❒   Leading with Self-Confidence

❒   Giving and Receiving Feedback

❒   Setting Meaningful Goals

❒   Shared Accountability for Team Results






Our EMPATHY TRAININGS are some of the most popular.  All humans are hardwired to empathize with other humans.  But with the help of recent neuroscience breakthroughs, we can all improve our empathy competence and learn new ways to benefit from connection.

When we strengthen our empathy skills, good things happen.  We are better able to hear our customer’s needs and preferences.  We can deliver feedback to our team members in ways that will lower defenses and set up a positive culture for performance improvement.  Our colleagues and customers will feel heard and appreciated.

“The Empathy Training and Confidence in Communication trainings we started within Customer Care proved so successful that these trainings and materials are now used across the company.”  
— Anne Cooper, Sr. Director of Global Customer Care at Anaplan (NYSE: PLAN)

We help great teams get even better. Are you ready?

CASE STUDY: Strengthening Anaplan's Customer Care Team

As a leader, regardless of age, tenure or experience, to ensure success you have to depend on a global village. The people you choose to invite into your village should help propel your team to success by filling gaps not available within your own company and even your own skillset as a leader. For me, Laura Grisolano has been an essential part of my global village many times and in many ways.

I was the first person in the role of Sr. Director of Global Customer Care at Anaplan when I took the role 2.5 years ago. While the teams under the Care umbrella had all existed separately, for the first time these groups were brought under a single leader with a single vision, culture, strategy, etc. There was resistance to change and we needed to find a common language to move forward. This is where Laura was brought in, and the power of her work was to expedite change and elevate my team into the successful, cohesive and healthy organization it is today.

Laura was asked to do many things with my group, but I wanted to highlight a couple. First, through the use of Hogan Personality Assessment, people were able to self-reflect and identify characteristics in themselves that may have been driving their fear and resistance to change. Laura’s coaching and one-on-on support for my team using the Hogan gave us that common language to see ourselves and our teammates as people versus just co-workers. This self and group reflection broke down barriers and allowed us to move forward.

Second, I asked Laura to create unique trainings to address specific gaps in soft skills within my teams. The Empathy Training and Confidence in Communication trainings we started within Customer Care proved so successful that these trainings and materials are used across the company.

I could go on and on about Laura, but I would simply recommend reaching out to her and having a discussion. She is open, honest, personable, and creative. I have no doubt Laura and Bridge Leadership Solutions will help you identify and overcome any barriers you have to success within your team, organization and company.

Anne Cooper
Sr. Director of Customer Care

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