Help for Startups

Your startup team is like a family – conflicts and all.

five young entrepreneurs standing together in a start up office

You’ve come together to build something big!

Your idea will change the world.

You’re testing and improving and building a lean startup.  The marketing plan is coming together. You’re raising seed capital from friends and family, and the angel investors are paying attention.

It’s exhilarating!

… And exhausting.  And frustrating.

And now, at this critical time, there is CONFLICT.

Some of the most common sources of tension for startups include

  • Personality conflicts
  • Inadequate resources and disagreements about allocation
  • Divergent philosophies
  • Gender issues
  • Equity divisions
  • Communication problems
  • The challenges of a virtual work team
  • Investor expectations
  • Work ethic differences
It’s not getting better… It’s getting worse.

Sometimes when challenges arise, our natural human tendencies only make things worse.

Whispered conversations lead to a new sense of distrust.

There might be increasing sarcasm.  Grumbling.

Or angry fights.  Or the worst of all, silence.

Bottom Line:
The drama is distracting you from your core mission!

DON’T GIVE UP!!  You can tackle these conflicts with the same energy and faith that you brought to launch your startup.

We are here to help.  Bridge Leadership Solutions can guide you through these tough times so you can get back to more important work.  We bring years of problem solving experiences, world-class analytical tools, and practical strategies to help you learn and move forward.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get back to the fun work without so much tension?

Members of a family business start up sitting at table after conflict is resolved.

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Did you know that conflict is NECESSARY for organizational growth and improvement?

Conflict can be good and healthy.  It will identify key pressure points and opportunities for innovation.

The best organizations – the survivors – learn how to mine conflict for new wisdom.  Learning organizations lean in to the tension points and apply collaborative strategies to find the new sweet spot.

Bridge professionals can help diagnose and heal your conflict stories while you STRENGTHEN your organization in the process.

With our customized approach (assessment, diagnosis, training, and guided resolution), we can get right to the heart of your unique issues.  No client representation is the same; the formula is adapted to meet you WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW, whether you are still white-boarding, or you’re scaling up and hiring new talent, or you’re preparing for an acquisition or IPO.

We use best-in-class analytic tools, private interviews, workshops, and facilitated dialogues to help you map out answers that are aligned with your mission and your stage in the development process.

But what if it’s a basic personality conflict?

It may seem like personality issues are insurmountable.  They’re not. We use the personality surveys developed by HOGAN ASSESSMENTS to help you understand how your colleagues are hard-wired and what to do about the differences.

At last count, 95 of the Fortune 100 companies were using Hogan Assessments to help select and develop key leaders.

There are good reasons why the biggest corporations turn to Hogan analytics.  The massive global databases are one reason.  The strong science behind the reports is another.  And there’s the proven track record of success…

You may be surprised to learn that the Hogan survey tools are not expensive.  Used wisely, they can be a powerful instrument to build new levels of strength and connection on your team.  You will come to understand new perspectives and how human filters impact work environments.  You will learn strategies to bridge personality gaps.  And – perhaps most powerfully – you will come to understand your OWN blind-spots and what to do about them so they don’t derail your success.

EXECUTIVE COACHING built on Hogan insights is an amazing combo.  Check out the options here.

Some of us are Conflict Avoidant.

For some businesses in turmoil, it helps to start with a group discussion, not about the disagreements themselves, but about your individual and collective approaches to conflict.   What do you typically do when you reach an impasse?

At Bridge, we use another great analytic tool – the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode survey – to enhance your team’s conflict competencies.  We’ll teach you how to reframe the way you think about competing perspectives.

Whether the issue is which conferences to attend, which equipment to buy, the terms for your new investors, or the options packages for your new hires, Bridge consultants will empower you to address these issues with positive results and less drama.

Don’t let the boat sink because the crew can’t decide which way to sail!!  Bridge Leadership Solutions can help you chart your course so everybody wins.

Our services won’t break your budget either.  Our reasonable, cost-effective solutions will pay dividends when you are re-aligned as a team, cogently and civilly resolving disagreements.   When you are again pulling the oars in the same direction, you can change the world with your big idea!!

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