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It’s been quite a year, hasn’t it?  

Like many, you might be feeling stuck.  Or confused about what comes next.  Or discouraged by all the roadblocks.

You may be dealing with conflicts arising out of economic realignment or remote working.  You’re exhausted.

OR MAYBE you and your team were amazing and you pulled together to survive the pandemic.  Now you’re ready to move from good to great.  You know your team is capable of meeting the challenges of the future, but the roadmap isn’t clear.  

We can help.  

Our mediation and facilitation services will help you transform conflict into opportunity.  

For organizations ready to take their teams to the next level, we offer customized trainings to strengthen communication skills, develop leaders, cultivate empathy, and improve team collaboration.  

Private coaching is also available to deepen self-awareness and help you chart out a new, exciting course of action.  Hogan personality assessments offer incredible insights regarding your talents and blind spots.

Let’s talk about what you need.


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We partner with our clients to create smart solutions

Thanks again for a productive day.... You make it look easy.
Laura Grisolano has been a godsend to us! ...
People felt listened to.. We all agreed you did a wonderful job.....
I'm impressed with the level of detail regarding expected steps...
I think we will see a ton of forward movement and progress...


“Thanks again for a productive day. Your orderly, purposeful mediation format, your legal business grasp, and your inter-personal skills, make you an astoundingly effective and efficient mediator. You make it look easy–but that’s clearly because you bring so much experience, education and training to the table. I truly admire your skills.”

Kelly C., Family Business Co-Founder

“Laura Grisolano has been a godsend to us!  Laura has a talent for understanding diverse perspectives.  She is brilliant, kind-hearted, and has been instrumental to my core team’s progress toward improving interpersonal skills and group dynamics.  I first worked with Laura during a mediation session for the governing board of a tax-exempt organization in Chicago.  I was so impressed with her ability to deal with the intense egos involved in that situation, that I hired her to help with manager training and succession planning for my company in California. My only regret is not having met her decades ago.”

Michelle K., Family Business Owner

 “I love how you took the time to be present, patient, and personal with each one of us.  I especially liked how you modeled listening and paraphrasing of what each person said.  Then you asked the person if there was anything else.  People felt listened to.  In our wrap-up meeting this morning, unanimously, we all agreed you did a wonderful job of mediating for us.  Thank you for your gift!”

Cristina S., Board Member

“Congratulations on achieving this settlement agreement. I’m very impressed with the level of detail regarding expected steps and also with the emphasis on mutual respect and public generosity. … Thank you for your help with this dispute. Everything seems to have gone well and I’m so glad you all were able to get this done in the one day session… I hope you found this to be an interesting mediation. I will certainly keep you in mind if any other potential mediation comes up here or elsewhere.”

K.M., University Administrator

“I really appreciate your help with the team, and I think we will see a ton of forward movement and progress based on the sessions and continued work.”

A.C., Customer Care Executive


The Lemonade Workshop: Conflict Management Training for your Leadership Team

Send your whole team or several key leaders to this online workshop designed to strengthen conflict resolution competencies. Participants will receive a complimentary Conflict Habits Assessment and will have the chance to work privately with team members on new strategies for resolving disagreements and moving into productive collaboration.  Sign up to receive more information about this unique, interactive opportunity.  

- Online Workshops or COVID-19 Safe Meetings in Person

The Lemonade Workshop: Conflict Management Training for your Leadership Team

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